Sell your property and rent back

Equity release

We understand you're likely to be facing difficult decisions and might not want to leave your home. We have a relationship with a major provider of Sale and Rent Back Agreements to whom we introduce our clients, to consider this plan of action. The SARB provider is authorised by the Financial Services Authority to provide both Sale and Rent Back agreements, and to provide clients with the appropriate advice. This can help you achieve a fast property sale, release equity to ease your financial situation, and put a longer-term solution in place so you can remain living where you are.

Why sell and rent back?

People choose to sell and rent back for many reasons. Some are in arrears or facing financial difficulties and the best way to sort this out is to sell their home. This means major upheaval for the whole family and often parents need to change jobs and the kids need to change schools, which just makes matters worse. For some, it's a way of releasing cash from the property to enjoy now rather than having money tied up in their home.

Equity release and property sale and rent back are regulated service.

We work to all legal regulations.